Saturday, November 20, 2010

Attitude Blog Award

Thank you Cecilia at The Gift of Creativity for passing this blog award to me! Cecilia is a very kind and talented person and if you have not visited her blog, please give her a visit. She does beautiful work!

This is my first blog award so I am quite surprised and I appreciate this! In accepting the award I understand that I am to list 3 things that make my blog or myself unique and pass it on to 5 other people.

Let's see - My profile actually tells you a lot about me!!
1. I have not been blogging very long and was apprehensive about starting a blog! Loving it now!! I am very appreciative of several people who encouraged me to start a blog. Thanks for all their help whenever I had a question!
2. I love making new friends! Through blogging many doors of  friendships have opened. I am so encouraged by visits and comments on my blog! Appreciate each of you!
3. I enjoy many crafts including cross-stitch, ribbon embroidery, scrapbooking. Now it is card making! Thankful for all my God given talents!

Now to pass along the award to 5 other people. Thanks to these ladies for all their encouragement!!

Sherri at Love, Laughter, and Creations
Sheri at My Sheri Cards
SueVan911 at Lifes Great When Bugged
Raquel at RAQ Creations
Carolyn at The Scrapping Cat


  1. Congratulations, Glenda. You deserve a blog award. Your site is really cute and your cards are amazing!

  2. Hi Glenda! Congrats on your award! I also gave you an award if you want to stop by my blog and pick it up! Take care!